Go meat free for a week and support a great cause

Bowel Cancer Australia_Meat Free Week
Why go meat free for Meat Free Week?
Going meat free for one week creates a great opportunity to get people thinking about how much meat they eat and the impact eating too much meat may have.
With education, awareness and the information to make informed choices, the goal is that for the other 51 weeks of the year meat-eaters will consider portion sizes when including meat as part of a balanced diet.
Meat Free Week challenges participants to give up meat for seven days and raise funds for a great cause.
As the health partner of Meat Free Week since 2014, Bowel Cancer Australia is pleased to continue supporting this dynamic awareness and fundraising campaign that motivates action.
Celebrating its sixth year, Meat Free Week continues to grow in size and popularity locally and abroad, and now includes supporters in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States. 

Everyone is invited to take the Meat Free Week challenge and discover how easy it is to make little changes that can create a big difference.

Delicious recipes are just the start.

Challenge yourself, your family, your friends and colleagues to give up meat for seven days.

Sign up for Meat Free Week and raise funds for a great cause!

Not able to participate, but still want to help make real change happen? Make a donation today.

If you're already living meat free, there are still plenty of ways you can get involved in Meat Free Week.

Further details, delicious meat-free recipe ideas and helpful resources are also available on the dedicated campaign website - meatfreeweek.org