Never Too Young Awareness Week 2019: Never assume we can’t beat bowel cancer

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It’s Never Too Young Awareness Week (3-9 June 2019), and Bowel Cancer Australia is raising much needed awareness that you’re never too young to have bowel cancer.

A new global study of seven high-income countries has found that in the decade up to 2014, Australia’s second most deadly cancer is on the rise in people under 50.

While bowel cancer is more common in people over 50, almost 1 in 10 new cases now occur in Australians under 50

To help spread the important #Never2Young message, we’re encouraging anyone living with or beyond young-onset bowel cancer, and their loved ones, to join our social media campaign this 3-9 June 2019.

It’s not too late to get involved. Download this year’s #Never2Young placard today, snap a photo of yourself and share your story on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtags #BowelCancerAustralia #Never2Young.

What is the biggest challenge you (your loved one) faced as someone diagnosed with bowel cancer under 50?

Email your photo and ‘biggest challenge’ to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for inclusion in our annual Never Too Young Awareness Week collage.

Diagnosed with Stage 4 bowel cancer at the age of 25, Hollie Fielder has been a long time supporter of Bowel Cancer Australia and passionate Awareness Advocate.

As one of our #Never2Young Champions, Hollie is sharing her personal story to help raise awareness this Never Too Young Awareness Week.

BCA0279 NTY 2019 News banner Hollie Fielder

Being told you have bowel cancer at 24 is scary, being told it’s stage 4 as it’s spread to your liver and you have a 5% chance of survival is scary, being told that you’ve had it for around 5 years is scary (which means I would have been 19), being misdiagnosed for over 2 years is scary.

It was scary, because it was unknown, I was walking a path I had never walked before, a path where I felt like I was the only young person to have bowel cancer. My health, my life I trusted with surgeons and oncologists I didn’t know, surgeons who became my real life angels and nurses who saw sides of me no one else saw.

I want my story to be heard to so that anyone else out there never feels alone or like they are the only one going through bowel cancer like I did. I want people to to not ignore their symptoms because they are scared of what it might be or self diagnose or get told something without further tests.
I want people to be proactive with their health and put their fears aside and put their life and health first .

Being told you are too young for bowel cancer or to have a colonoscopy is bulls!@* and I know one day soon the stigma of it being an old persons disease will no longer exist, I just hope it’s sooner rather than later so less people get misdiagnosed and less people are taken too soon.

No matter your age, you should always take preventative measures with your health, listen to your body and know when something isn’t right, seek other opinions and never settle for a diagnosis if you don’t feel happy, your health is your wealth and it should always be your top priority not an inconvenience or put to the side for later.

Read Hollie's full story here.

For further details on Never Too Young Awareness Week and ways you can get involved head to nevertooyoung.org.au.

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