Bowel Cancer Australia - Advocate
Advocate Bowel Cancer Australia Julie Toner
In August 2012, two weeks after my 40th birthday, I decided to have a colonoscopy.

I didn't have any symptoms, but given my family history I knew it was important.

I was diagnosed with Stage IV bowel cancer.

The cancer was so big I required a total colectomy, followed by 12 cycles of chemotherapy 

I was a working mum who was used to looking after everyone else.

Suddenly, I was the one that needed to be looked after.
I was the one with bowel cancer, but it impacted everyone in my family.

I don't want anyone to ever, ever, EVER go through what I did.

That’s why I am so passionate about raising awareness and encouraging people to get tested.

When caught early, 90 percent of bowel cancer cases can be successfully treated.

I want people to be aware of my story - that bowel cancer can be a silent killer and you may not necessarily have any symptoms.

Contrary to common belief, bowel cancer doesn't just affect old men.

I'm a woman.

I was diagnosed at the age 40.
Know your family history, be vigilant and be bowel cancer aware.
Get tested, it may just save your life.
Julie Toner features in the Decembeard® Australia 2016 campaign, and has also authored a book about her bowel cancer experience titled, ‘Just A Little Unwell’.

She has also received awards for her volunteering efforts and extensive fundraising, which has surpassed $40,000 for bowel cancer.