Bowel Cancer Australia - Ambassador
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George was fit, feisty and forty when this Managing Director of Investment Bank UBS received a bowel cancer diagnosis. He's used that feistiness in his bowel cancer battle and has some in reserve for his ongoing challenge - encouraging men and women to do something about their bowel health.
Like many younger people who receive a bowel cancer diagnosis, George was shocked to discover that he had advanced (stage 3) bowel cancer. There were symptoms, but George had wrongly assumed his bleeding was haemorrhoids, something he had experienced before.
After surgery to remove 30cm of his bowel, followed by chemotherapy every second week for the next 6 months, George is now doing well.
As a Bowel Cancer Australia Ambassador George is working to help bring bowel cancer 'out of the closet' and encourage men in particular to discuss symptoms that they would rather pretend are not there.
"In my job, which is male dominated, I've taken the opportunity to encourage more people to be proactive about their bowel health and speak up about any changes or potential concerns without being embarrassed," said George.